Welcome to Ev Essence!

Welcome to evessence.wordpress.com. During this Eid-Fitr for all muslim, Happy Eid-Fitr. Enjoy and May Allah bless u always πŸ™‚

The curly moon forseen behind the cloudy sky. I was insinuate under the presence of frozen moon. The night left my life between the sorrow and fluctuated dream. Is it prosper that im lookin for or is it faith that im desire most. I was stucked by the dream that i decorate. The forthcoming event is the step that i really hope to be trustworthy. Really hope that Allah will give me a key of sign for the very best path to colour my silhoutte dream. Juz prioritize ur business with Allah then Allah will make ur arrangement with human easier..

Welcome to my Artwork collection.

Thank you for visiting my site. Actually this page is all about my artwork that I’ve done during my training session and as a freelance work. πŸ™‚