Team Members

Project Manager

Has been involved with numerous projects from small entrepreneur website to conglomerate website that produce much prospect within the company

Our own project manager self has involved directly with the production team to ensure the project given can be fully utilized completely.


Our designers are experience and powerful team player in our company which is by far the best designer we have

They have created an exceptional idea for client website and other services such as multimedia application and system as well.

Strategic Planner

We also have our own strategic planner which functions as our coordinator for the task given to our designers.

Similar to our project manager, they also play an important role in our organization which is to ensure our staff designers come out with a cool idea for our clients.

Marketing Planner

The team that ensure the success for our organization rest in the hands of our marketing planner that ensure the clients need are more than justify but to ensure they are pleased with our performance.

They entertain our clients with concept and ideas from our own designers to make sure our client their own needs and at the same time improve our work task better.


Behind our own designers lies the team that execute our designer’s idea and concept based on clients need and present to our client with excellent results.

They are working together with the designers to make the task easier to be done and improve work relationship between colleagues.

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